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Trusted experts in supporting you with the design, installation & management of smart EV charging networks across your property portfolio.

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Investing in a greener tomorrow, together.

As demand for electric vehicle chargepoints rapidly increases, businesses and landlords need the right support to create the EV infrastructure across their sites to meet this demand.

Future Green Steps provides you with a fully managed network of EV charging solutions. This comprehensive approach starts with an initial consultation, followed by scheme design, installation of systems and equipment and onward operation of the network post implementation.


The future really is green.

We position ourselves as your partner – ensuring the support and guidance to enable you to outsource your EV infrastructure and provide a dedicated service model to the end-user. We are an Authorised Installer under the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) schemes, providing support for grant applications for government funding to help contribute to the capital expenditure in both residential and commercial environments.


We take care of the details around EV charging, so you don’t have to.

Energy Park, our cloud-based platform and mobile app, can be custom-built to operate your smart EV charging network specific to your needs, whether that be for private or public use. We create bespoke arrangements. This includes access control, tariff management, payment functionality and real-time visibility.

Our technology can also maximise access to chargepoints for your end users. Our systems can distribute charging load across your EV network in real time, to balance demand and ensure continued power supply, avoiding any power failures.


Invest in a green future today

Let’s work together.

Our solutions are individual. Bespoke. Based on your unique commercial and technical requirements. However, we do follow a tried-and-tested formula for arriving at a smarter, more dynamic answer.

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    We listen to your objectives to understand exactly what you and your end-users need.

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    Scheme Design

    We take care of everything – so hardware and software design maximises energy efficiencies.

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    All civil and electrical installation is carried out carefully and efficiently – balancing quality with cost.

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    Chargers are networked remotely using a cloud-based platform whilst successfully supplying the service you require.

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    Service Management

    We offer a complete end-to-end and comprehensive service package - from system management to call out services.

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    We approach your project with the future in mind, ensuring your EV infrastructure is scalable with the ability to add more chargepoints as demand increases.

The benefits to partnering with us.

We do everything

This is a complete, comprehensive service.

We manage the whole process – end-to-end- to deliver a future-focused solution. From initial design to ongoing operation and customer service.

Investment that pays for itself

We understand this is a significant investment for you.

Our expert team will go the extra mile to successfully monetise your parking infrastructure, giving visibility on how you achieve a return on your investment.

Maximising your investment

Our guidance around hardware choices ensures you only pay once for your investment. We will use all our experience to help you minimise your initial capital outlay. This includes working to secure government grant funding, bringing you closer to your long-term sustainable goals.

Data insight

We provide comprehensive analytical insight. This starts at the scheme design stage with the ability to provide awareness of your sites current power usage. We then know what is achievable from the existing capacity. Once operational, we collect the data to give you a clear understanding to how your EV network is performing, aiding sensible decisions on future expansion.


We can provide access and linkage into other service providers through API technology, layering our service offering on to existing or future infrastructure.

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